Four Horsies have been delivered! Pocalypse has begun!

Are you ready fore the Pocalypse?! You better be, because it's coming right to your door! Our Kickstarter has now been fulfilled and the Four Horsies sets and NEW 4" Lil Maddies are ALL available right here in our shop! And with NEW international shipping options, we are circumventing the US Postal Service's recent pricing apocalypse, and launching our own toy Pocalypse globally!


Four Horsies Will Be Delivered to our Warehouse Tomorrow

Tomorrow the truck delivers the Four Horsies to our warehouse!

Expect another update soon.

We will begin packing Kickstarter rewards tomorrow afternoon. This process will take a while. Thanks for your patience!

Follow our social media (IG in particular: @the4horsies) for images of the delivery and packing process!


Four Horsies container ship is in port now

Container should be offloaded very soon and sent to our warehouse for fulfillment to backers in early January.

After we complete that, ALL Four Horsies figures will be available to the public in our shop here.

Once everyone receives their Horsies, the 'Pocalypse can begin!

Stock up on marshmallows...

SDCC Scavenger Hunt for the Four Horsies

We had an awesome time participating in a scavenger hunt during SDCC which was set up by CNN iReporter Chris Morrow - the whole thing was run on her Twitter account. We donated some of our 6-inch Maddies to the event, as well as some of the Four Horsies wall graphics by Walls360. It was great to meet all the fans and get Little Maddie into their hands and on camera as well! Chris was interviewed by Fox 5 San Diego and our Maddies were there with her during the segment. Big ups to Chris Morrow for organizing this awesome event, and to Chevy for sponsoring the hunt at SDCC!